Sunday, July 11, 2010

Putting on my dancing shoes... FINALLY!

As a little girl, i remember twirling & swirling in my parent's room imagining myself as a dancer.

In primary school, a group of us came together and formed an all-girl dance group and we learned through dance moves from MTV (which was all the rage back then in the 80s) by popular boy bands eg NKOTB... (well if you grew up in the same era as i did, you'll know what this acronym stands for ;)

It's strange how i never thought of taking dance lessons back then.
I never gave it much thought but i remember every time i listened to music, it sort of makes you wanna break out in a dance even though you don't necessarily know how to!
I was never exposed to the club scene... except for that one time when a few of us went to party for christmas eve but good thing, blinking lazer lights and loud music ain't really my thing.

When i was in my early 20s, a good friend introduced me to Jazzercise and we happily went for classes together.
Then there was a time back at church when we formed a group to do a dance presentation to the song, Shackles. My sis and another friend did the choreography and we had so much fun practicing the steps at a friend's father's gym/studio. And the whole group of us, i don't think anyone of us had any form of dance lessons between us. They just whipped up the steps and we danced!
In the gym, i wasn't interested in the weights or the running, i simply love the dance classes.
I've not done any form of dance exercise for some time now but i've harbored the dream of taking proper dance classes since then.

So enough of dreaming and procrastinating. I'm not getting any younger and since i have a little wee bit more of free time compared to luke's early first 2 years and before  babe no.2 comes along,  i'm gonna put all the trepidation aside and am more determined than ever to just do it!

So here am i just waiting for tuesday to come bcos that'll be THE day for my first official dance class! Yay! Time to burn off those extra calories and have myself some FUN!
*Fingers crossed i don't come back with broken bones ;)*

picture extracted from Gina Maxine Photography

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