Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life between trucks, bicycles, balls & commando

Question: Most of my after work hours are spent between doing chores and mostly filled up with trucks, bicycles, balls, and commando, building blocks, bedtime stories...
How do you find time to indulge in your love for crafts or some handmade stuff when you have an active toddler who delights in hovering over you every single moment you find yourself doing something?
Answer: Get him/her to be PART of it!

I found myself asking this question time and time again.
It seemed that when you have a bouncy energizer tod who relishes his time with you, there's not much personal stuff you can do while he's within your midst.
So one fine afternoon while i was doing the dishes, it dawned upon me i could actually find craft ideas or activities that i could include him in. It's bound to be messy but the pros (as i found out) would definitely outweigh the cons.

1. He'll have FUN while i get to do something i enjoy too!
2. He'll LEARN and probably develop a love for arts or pick up some handy skill (at this moment, realistically, i think he's developing a love for MESS!)
3. We'll get to ENJOY each other's company and it'll be a wonderful mom & son BONDING session.

So what activities do i have up on my sleeves?
First up is...

BAKING - bought this adorable yellow duckie cookie cutter.
I think cookie mixes are brilliant... particularly the biscuit mix i get from Guten Braun @ Seapark.
So simple & saves you $$! Just mix in the butter and chocolate chips, cut it with your cookie cutter and just put them in the oven and you're on your way to enjoying delicious choc chip cookies!
One bag of this can churn out approx 6 jars of cookies so with the extras, i like to package them into plain paper bags, top it up with a pretty bow or write down the kids' name to make it more personal and given as treats to the kids at church or from the neighborhood.

And Luke loves the idea of giving these out!
For some reason, he has no problem sharing and giving out something he's gotten his hands into as opposed to something he hadn't.. such as the lollipop he bought off the grocery store!

Hope to share more activities with you in the coming weeks.
Got to space them out so mommy has some time to breathe in between!
Hope you'll have a blast with your lil' one too!

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