Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY Iron On

I've been searching hi & low for a shop that carries cute iron on prints so that i can customize a tshirt for luke.

I once saw a set of nice ones at a craft store @ Bangsar which was already ironed on.
So when i happened to chance upon this little booth at the Mom & Baby expo at Mid Valley a few months back, i went goo goo ga ga. Looked like i wasn't the only mom around searching for such items.

The booth was a hit and they offered services to iron them on the spot to save you the hassle.
But knowing my love for DIY stuff, i picked out the designs i liked and made my way back home, couldn't wait to start on the little project.

The booth stocks plain kids' t-shirts in assorted colors too.
Just pick your design and match them with whatever color t-shirt you find suitable.

Luke has a love for animals so i picked out this cheeky lion print and iron it on his plain chilli red t-shirt.

He watched me iron it on (only 4 simple steps required) and when it was all dried & done, he was one proud kid!


  1. this is really cute! I love the "front and back" idea! Arggggg gonna buy one to make a cute bible cover for a kid :D But Miri hard to get this type of things :)

  2. marlene, what a great idea! lucky kid! just emailed you the link where you can purchase online =)

  3. This DIY tee is so cute!! Love the lion! :)

  4. me too viv! especially the bum! LOL!

  5. awww that's a cute iron on lion! please share the link if u don't mind :)

  6. ooo can I please have the link too!

  7. ladies, do provide me with your email addresses so that i can send you the link ;)

  8. please email me at thanks!


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