Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friend or Foe??

Most of my buddies know my paranoia for birds. From chickens, pigeons, crows to peacocks, ostriches and all in between. Aarghh! i'm having goosebumps just typing these out!

I have yet to pinpoint how exactly i developed this insensible fear.
I used to rare colored chicks in my backyard. You know those cute little fluffy hairballs that unfortunately turns into ugly brown feathered chickens once they've grown!
But i find it really strange that i have no problems whatsoever having them on my plate or stomach for that matter. And what's fascinating is i just realized the other day that i'm almost always drawn to whimsical birdie designs. It could be a blog template, a motif on a bag or even a wallpaper.

such as these.. i got this free template by for my previous blog

or cute polka dot birdie pouch by countrykitty

and love this wall decal by

But.... show me the real thing, and i'll flip!
I'll choose snakes, iguanas and even a LION over these feathered creatures!

I don't know when & how i intend to tackle this fear.
My only motivation to do so is so that this fear doesn't rub on to my little one or worse, having him know my weakness and scare the hell out of me with it!


  1. lol my friend is also really scared of birds...she absolutely hates them! I think they are so cute and adorable! Snakes on the other hand....

  2. are u serious, yvonne?? i tot i was the only weirdo around afraid of them! it's nice to know i'm not alone ;p


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