Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

I woke up to a glorious Saturday morning, greeted by swaying trees, cool breeze, fluffy cotton clouds, blue skies. Awesome!

It strange... on days like this, my "dream mode" kicks into full gear... inspiration juices flow and i find myself wanting to do something creative. i just "baked" my first official diaper cake as a gift to the new baby on the block! still needs a bit of tweaking here & there... hopefully get to share some photos with you soon :)

Anyways back to the beautiful weather... am enjoying the whole breeze thingy while listening to wonderful music... i now so want to make my way up to sg palas boh tea plantation @ cameron highlands for a cup of hot piping tea, just to enjoy the cool air & scenic view.

Want to leave you with this cute little print i found from pen & paper flowers' post available at vol25's etsy shoppe

... and this beautiful song by Jesus Culture aptly entitled Happy Day!
Oh Happy Day.. You washed my sin away.. forever i am changed.. by Your love, by Your grace...

Happy, Happy Saturday!

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