Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Gem...

I think the internet is a fantastic medium to learn, discover and to see the world.
I particularly love the world of blogging and once in a while i chance upon really good blogs and i get really excited!

I recently had the privilege of visiting marlene's blog. I first saw her work of a silhouette frame for a friend and i thought, "wow, the person who made this must be really talented" and yes, this gal is really one talented lass... hmmm "talented" is an understatement.. let's see what's a better word? i looked into the thesaurus and quickly found the words "artistic, brilliant, gifted..." yes! that's better... gifted is THE word!

Her writings in her blog are inspiring and at times humorous... her passion for people, life and God is contagious.
Some of her post are written in chinese.. as much as i would like to figure out the contents, i just have to make do with the pictures she captures and try figuring out and do my own story-telling. LOL!

I personally adore handmade stuff and Marlene's handiwork is incredible. She makes beautiful cards and pressies for her dear friends and you can see from her work that she gives a lot of thought to it.
Those who know her personally must be really fortunate :)

I can imagine the many lives she has touched, the smiles that she brings to people around her... it kinda makes me ponder, "Am i using my God-given abilities well enough? How can i channel my passion into something really worthwhile?"

The world will surely be a happier place if everyone of us has a little touch of marlene in us.
You can visit her blog at or purchase her work at

May we bring a smile to at least one person each day =)
Happy weekend!

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