Monday, July 5, 2010

The Piano

personal thanks to jean for taking the lovely shots

I'm been yearning to get a piano for our home.
After almost 27 years living with one, when we moved to our current place 3 years ago, i felt handicap when neither my piano nor my hubby's one came with us ;(

I recall good time at my parent's home where my sis and i would sing our hearts out after dinner while i played the piano and her on her guitar (don't want to imagine what our neighbors were thinking!)
And then there was a period when a group of our friends would drop by over to our home after school and we'll jam the afternoon away.

Cannot imagine life without music, in particular, the piano.

But you'll never imagine how it all started... i clearly remember how i hated piano classes. And i mean really hated it. My carnal self schemed wicked ideas just to skip piano classes and when that's not possible, i prayed like crazy for power failure on evenings when my piano lessons were scheduled.
No electricity = no lights = no piano classes. Yeah!!
And believe it or not, it came true once! And after that, i prayed the same prayer faithfully every week but to my utter disappointment, it never did happen again.

Further back, i think when i was bout 7 maybe, there was that one time i recalled mom chasing me around with the rotan when i didn't show up for class.
She was out for something important so she got my aunt to get me to walk over to my teacher's house which was right opposite my home.. i think i told my aunt class was cancelled and when my mom found out about THE lie, she was super furious, i got a real whacking. *Ouch*

Fast forward, i couldn't be more thankful to both my parents now for giving us the opportunity to study music.
I think it was through much sweat and tears they put us through classes and it'll be one of those things we'll treasure for life.

The piano will always be one of my most treasured earthly possessions.
After all, that's how i first fell in "love" with my now other half.
I was like 12 then and he sounded good on the piano!  LOL!

Very soon, luke would be choosing his favorite instrument.
We're hoping he'll enjoy classes from the very beginning and doesn't end up scheming up ideas like his mom used to!

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  1. Gaaahh.. I love to have one on my new house too.. >.< I imagine how sweet it is when I play the piano with my children someday. And about when I play it and sing a song for them each day.. Woohoooo.. >.<

    Btw, please visit my blog and shop
    thanks for stopping by! :)


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