Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 skills i like to pick up before i die :P

You know how they have the tv program 1000 Places to Visit Before You Die... i have my own List of Skills I Like to Pick Up Before I Die.
I don't have a a thousand, just 6 that i would like to work on for now ;)

Here it is... in no particular order:

1. Cooking/baking - i love having guest come over for dinner but would love for once to be able to cook a full spread decent meal rather than catering or worse, tapau-ing!

2. Sewing - 1st project to tackle would be the apron. First things first, need to get the sewing machine up & going!

3. Dancing - looking for a reasonable good dance school around the area... really can't find one. Help!

4. Picking up a 2nd musical instrument - seeing learning the harp is virtually quite impossible, the flute would be my next bet.

5. Speaking/reading Chinese - main motivation: to sing Chinese songs... hmmm maybe this would not be so far fetched after all... seeing that we're probably gonna put luke through a chinese medium school, i probably have to learn the spoken & written language with him ;) then again, there's huan yu ping ying but it's nothing like doing it the right way.

6. Photography - my work revolves me working alongside talented photographers for the past 8 years and still no idea how to capture a nice still shot. sigh...

I know... there's like 101 things to juggle as a mom, wife, daughter, employee, friend, teacher, musician but hey a girl can dream right? It'll probably take me years but dreams start with a vision. I'm looking to striking them off one by one.. I did say... before i die mah... never say i have to do it all one shot =p


  1. Yeah, We can dream! And I love to have dream too. I had dream about being a good mom (although I haven't yet), being a success women with my (own design) clothing line (but I must learn sewing first), have a boutique, can play piano and I love photograpy too! Dream makes me happy when I'm thinking about it and now I'm on my way to make them come true, one by one.. :)

  2. Yeah! Girl power! =p
    Wishing you all the very best as you realize your dream one by one.
    Thanks for stopping by... keep in touch!

  3. thats a very inspiring list! makes me wanna have my own too... let me tell u one thing, we ladies are super-women already with the 101 juggling that we do ;)

  4. LOL! i'm a wannabe superwoman! thanks for dropping by with your comment. Do share once you have your list up =)


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