Thursday, July 29, 2010

Announcing Terrific Tuesdays GIVEAWAYS... coming soon!

By now, many know my love for Tuesdays.
"What?! It's practically almost the start of the week... it's still days to go before the weekend arrives! What so terrific about Tuesdays?!"... i hear you asking ;)
Well, simply because my dance classes fall on a Tuesday and THAT makes my day!

So, while many rejoices over Fridays, i thought it'll be great to assign Tuesdays (a mid weekday) as my official day for Babylicious' Giveaways, in hope that it'll make YOUR day!

I've been on the lookout for simple but wonderful items to give to all you lovelies out there, be it for your precious kiddo or even something for you!
I select items that i've used and love and other times, things that are in my wishlist that i think would tickle your fancy too!

So drop by often or if you're a FAN on Babylicious' facebook, you'll enjoy first hand notification on giveaways!
Stay tuned for Babylicious' TERRIFIC TUESDAYS Giveaways!

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