Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY Beaded Flowers

If you can follow a simple cross stitch pattern, you'll sure be able to do this.
When i came across this article on beaded flowers in one of the Martha Stewart magazine i bought months before my wedding 6 years ago, i was impressed and shared the article with my hubby.

We took up the challenge to try it out and after weeks of beading in front of the tele most evenings after work, we made ourselves 30 corsages for our helpers & family members, 1 for the groomsmen, 1 for my bridesmaid and i had myself a beautiful beaded rose bouquet painstakingly made entirely by my other half. 

my rose bouquet
my bridesmaid bouquet
the corsages

The advantages came in so many forms while we took on this project... we got to spend quality time with each other, it was therapeutic as it got our minds off the impending wedding and the to-do list, we didn't need to worry about wilting flowers  and we got something going that is proudly handmade for the wedding :)

You could improvise and make a pair of earrings for yourself, a hair clip for your little princess or simply dress up a plain slipper with a pair of beaded blooms and give it as a novelty gift. The possibilities are endless.

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Have fun!


  1. Wa.. this is a lot of hardworks leh! I have a book of Martha Stewart too :) Love that book :)

  2. not really la.. almost the same effort needed to make your beautiful handmade cards ;)

  3. Love those flowers.....I wish i could make some myself too=)


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