Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Diaper Cake

The novelty idea of giving diaper cakes as newborn gifts has been around for some time.  Attempted one years ago but it didn't really turn out perhaps i lacked the motivation since i didn't had any close friends who were expecting then ;)

Recently Vivienne blogged about it her post and included a youtube video with simple step by step instructions, it got me all excited about diaper cakes again! Thanks Viv!

This time round, it's the baby boom season and it was just the right time to give it a go again.
So with these items on hand and a good hour later, the diaper cake took form.

1. 43 pcs of S-sized diaper
2. Baby Gap white socks + a handmade froggie tag
3. Carter's yellow duckie bib
4. Carter's lion hooded towel
5. Training shorts
6. Buds sample packs
7. Strips of ribbons
8. Several beetle wooden pegs
9. Handful of rubberbands
10. Wooden toy (cake topper)
11. Wooden spatula (optional: but i used it to keep the 3 tiers in place. moms can use it for cooking or transform it to mr paddle ;)

It was a good attempt... could have done better but had to make do with what i had on hand. With a few more practices, should be able to see a better outcome ;)
The only tricky part is i haven't figured a nice way of transporting/presenting it to the recipient.
All i had was this brown courier box which sort of spoiled the final presentation but had to make do with it!

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