Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When i was just a little girl, i asked my mother what will i be?...

Back in school, every year, students were asked to fill in a form which asks you to list down 3 occupation which you would like to be when you grow up.

My list changes from year to year.
From children storybook author to an architect (i actually had 2 books; one for me to compile stories from my imagination, and another; sketches of my house drawings), a piano teacher (didn't work out unfortunately as i lacked the important virtue of a devoted teacher = patience), a flight attendant (mainly driven by the opportunity to travel the world) and one that have stuck with me since... to have a store of my own...

somewhat like this for the exterior...

and this for the interior...

images extracted from summertime market

I'm thankful to my parents for giving us the freedom to choose what we wanted to do when we grew up. They've always been supportive and nurturing.

I won't say i'm far from doing what i've dreamed of doing. In fact i love what i'm doing now.
Of course, i have my fair share of work stress but I'm blessed with a wonderful boss & a great team so it makes up for it... and i get to delve into my creative side amongst my other job description and oh yes, there's the fabulous view of the lakeside right at the doorstep of my current office.

It still feels like not too long ago since i first stepped into our former office in the form of an old english colonial bungalow. I told myself i NEEDED to get myself a job here!

image extracted from covershots

I wrote in to asked if there were any vacancies and was so excited when they first offered me to work part time during college break. And a few months later, i was offered a full time job and i was ecstatic.
Time flies... and i am into my 8th year now...

So, do i still dream of someday opening my own little store? The answer is still yes... a quaint little shop by the countryside perhaps... selling wares that i love... friends & customers occasionally dropping in for tea... (ha! i foresee it's not gonna make me money!) but yeah, that's the idea of my dream job!

What's yours?

ps: i came across this dainty store and i have to say it's a little of how i envisioned my dream store to be ;)

pictures extracted from LARK


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