Friday, July 16, 2010

Dressing Up my Workspace

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I can't downplay the importance of dressing up my workspace to keep my inspiration level at a healthy notch ;)
Being stationed at home in front of my computer for practically the whole day, and since my work requires a large extent of writing (and i can't write if my heart's not there), i need a great doze of inspirations.

And to do just that, i need to surround my work space with beautiful things.
And the wonderful thing about this is i don't need to spend a bomb! Just a little time & effort.
Just look through your stash... it could be anything... from items you've kept aside in a box eg sweet handmade cards sent by friends, a  collection of pretty ribbons, a small huggable soft toy that reminds you of your childhood, a patterned fabric that you can simply throw over you dull worktable. You'll be amazed how it'll instantly and inexpensively brighten up your space.

When we moved into our present home 3 years ago, i wanted to keep things practical, minimal & no fuss as we needed to keep the place child-proof and clean. I kept all the knick knacks away but over time, things became really boring.
Since luke is now more receptive in taking some (not all) instructions, some of my knick knacks eg candles has found its way to my shelves, work space and different corners of our home just to add a little more color to keep me going! 
Do you know little simple details like tying a nice bow around your reserved toilet roll can make all the difference in your washroom!

Here, Bonnie from shares some really useful tips to keep your creative space inspirational.

And this does not limit to just your computer workspace, it could be your kitchen, laundry or ironing room... or any other space you spent most time working in!

Even if you're not working from home and you're feeling the monday work blues, you know you have one of those nice mugs given by a friend... it's so nice that you've left it seating in your kitchen cabinet all this while?? Now is the time to take it out, give it a good wash, and make yourself a nice hot chocolate. Put that cup on your work table in front of you, switch on some music on your comp and hopefully you're off to a better work day ;)

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