Monday, August 2, 2010

Party Bash VS Play Gym


September will be a busy busy month for me so i'm putting my thinking cap earlier this time round.
The little man's 3rd birthday is fast approaching and this year, i am torn in between having a party bash for him and his pals versus taking him for an afternoon at the kids gym, followed by a nice meal.

I'm weighing the pros and cons...

Plan A: Have a party @ at the playground at our backyard
I envision a dessert table filled with delectable goodies eg cupcakes, candies, ice creams (will be a hit with the lil' ones i'm sure but i can already begin to imagine the disapproval look from the other moms around! ha!) plus mini sized finger food eg cut out sandwiches, vege sticks, drummets etc.

Those tiny feet can all hang out at the playground and drive all that sugar rush out with bubbles & water guns, slides & swings.

I think the driving factor for the above plan probably stems out a little from my selfish ambition as you'll see below {blush}. 

The pros: i get to dabble my hands into the whole works, the invites, the setup, the favors aka goodie bag treats, the wagon ride to the bamboo disposable cutlery that i've bought some time ago which i've been longing to use.. just waiting for the right occasion!
..and it's the perfect excuse to have friends over with their babes for a casual evening =)

The cons: it'll cost a fair bit of dough and LOADS of work and not to mention moving the furniture up and down three flights of stairs (no kiddin! i mean i'm not intending to move my couch down but u know... still need to get the buffet line, the tables & chairs setup) PLUS cleaning up ;)


Plan B: An afternoon at a kids play gym 
With a couple of his close buddies, they can roam freely and do the tumbles and the likes without having us parents howling and watching over their shoulders every single minute. It's pretty much a child proof area and the kids can play for hours. And end it with a nice simple meal with loved ones.

the little man's 1st trip to the gym (shot 2 years ago)

The pros: stress free, hassle free, worry free AND the birthday boy undoubtedly loves the play gym.

The cons: requires "0" creativity

I FEEL the FORCE is strongly pulling me closer towards Plan B. 
Plan A may appear to have to wait a wee bit longer :(
Well since it's the lil' one birthday (not mine!), Plan B would be the choice.
So then... can i have Plan A for my birthday?! {wink}

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