Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perfect Pallette

This caught my eye.. and i can't get enough of it!
I've been loving the happy rays of the color yellow and when combined with soft dusty pink hues, i think it makes the perfect combo.

So when i came across this post by pen & paper flowers, my heart skipped a beat! (no, make that 2 beats!)
It's everything i dream of.. from the frozen treats to the favor buckets, the tin cans with freshly cut blooms to the wrought iron chairs.. ahh...

Simple everyday items like the vintage glass jars, when given a little loving touch does spice it up a whole load!
Rustic, old fashioned, girly... my kind of party.
Now, just to find the right excuse to whip this up.
Hmmm.. on second thoughts, who says we need to have an occasion? after all this weekend does look good ;)
Will start rummaging through my collection of fabric scraps and vintage glasses/bottles.
Care to join me?

photos extracted from pen & paper flowers

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