Monday, June 21, 2010


My Mr. took a big step or should i say a leap of faith 2 months back to embark on a new career.

From a steady monthly income to really having to consciously look above to The One Who Provides and keeping that faith that money will soon come in, is truly a challenge of faith.
It was a family decision and once we agreed to this decision, my support goes with him.
We are still waiting patiently and sometimes i have to admit anxiously for the first egg to break but this 2 months experience even though pressing at times is also a time where i begin to see things in a whole new different light.
How we, if we have God in our lives can make what may seem a difficult time to a time of hope, discovery and appreciation.

Obviously when there's no monthly paycheck waiting for you at the end of the month, you kinda need to tighten your belts a little & curb your spending.
For instance, we try limit our going outs to the park instead of the mall (cos that'll definitely set us back by at least a RM100 per trip. eating out this days even if it's a simple meal is by no means cheap).
So, instead of lamenting, we decided to take it in our stride and i was pleasantly surprised by what fun we can conjure up staying home for the evening!

It was singapore meehoon for dinner but this time round, i got the lil' one to help me prepare the cutlery & set the table using his miniature "masak masak" set (to set record straight, luke does plays with boys' toys most times but has this special interest in the mini cooking play stove we "inherited" from my cousin's girls. perhaps to make up for mommy's lack of culinary skills). Boy, he finished up his meal by himself in a jiffy!
Instead of having him glued to the tv, the mr. decided to whip up a "store" made up of our very own bedroom pillow, bolsters & blankets.
It's wonderful how our lil' ones take delight in the simple things in life.
here's a pic (taken in bad light, have to seriously brushed up my photography skills, if i have any!) of luke enjoying his little beach shack... busy serving us "imaginated" ice creams, milo ice, & french fries!

like one famous commercial aptly puts it:
dinner @ restaurant: RM80
toys @ store: RM50
candies @ store: RM2.50

the *twinkle* in his eyes & the smile on his face in the beach shack: Priceless

Happy Father's Day!

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