Monday, June 14, 2010

Hardcore Foodies?

It's been more than 10 years since i last stepped into Malacca... i have always only known it to be a historical city rich with its colorful past and heritage.. little did i know that it was one fine food haven, literally filled with tempting goodies and mouthwatering treats from one street to another!

We were doubly blessed at our recent family church camp when we were not only spiritually filled but physically stuffed up to our throats!

Mind you.. the satay featured above is not your regular but it's counterpart - juicy succulent pork satay.
In just under 2 hours, we tried several eateries, gobbling down cendol which was made superb by the ultra fantastic gula melaka, rich flavorful laksa and other sorts of peranakan delicacies (for the life of me can't remember what there were) =p

Anyways while i was putting the above shots together in a montage, i let out a giggle cos i thought luke's picture was hilarious as it very much kinda depict as though he was letting out a cry "Oh No... FOOD again!!!" while happily chomping away on his food.... very much echoing the rest of our sentiments ;)

ps: a few days later, we were invited by papa for a day trip to try the famous satay celup. how could we resist the invite?! drove through horrendous traffic for 3.5 hours (but no complaints) and had our first taste of satay celup (we were too obsessed with the pot of boiling aromatic satay sauce and our sticks of "lok lok", we forgot to take photos!) Does that make us hardcore foodies? Go figure.

thanks to michelle hoe for the lovely photos and company

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