Monday, June 28, 2010

An afternoon @ Urbanscapes

I first read about Urbanscapes, the city's all-day creative arts festival hosted by Klue @ the beautiful KL Pac Sentral Park about a year ago. I remember telling myself the next time they have it, i want to go!

2 days before the event, i found out they Urbanscapes 2010 is back! Ahh.. how to find a "kaki" to come along so last minute. Then again... i'll feel bad leaving my 2 boys behind for half a day... ok la i'll just put it aside and try not to think bout it.

Saturday came and my mr said "hey would you & luke like to follow me to Segambut for an appointment?" "Er Segambut? It's ok thanks.. i'll stay home", came my answer. "Come la just for a drive..", he said. The next moment we were in the car, heading to "Segambut".

45 mins later, i saw banners of Sentul Park lining the sidewalk and i was dumbfounded. Hey the sweet mr caught me by surprise! And here we were at Urbanscapes!! The 3 of us!
I've never thought of bringing luke along. It'll probably bore him out of his pants ;)
It was a sunny day and we weren't the least prepared. Good thing he had his cap on. The sun was scorching but the good sport didn't complain even a wee bit but he did come back with a tan.
There was so much to see, from fashion to street music, to theatre & art displays.

I'm not the arty farty type neither do i have any clue how to analyze art but i like when art becomes accessible for common people like us to admire & enjoy. I particularly liked the whimsical oil painting canvases on display by nuanpeng.
There was also a counter creating silk screen t-shirts but the guys shirts (hubby wanted to get one) were all sold out by 2:00pm =(

There were impromptu skits happening at the lawn, musicians belting out on their guitars and of course loads of fashion & food plus desserts! being sold. The stall that caught my eye belongs to wondermilk (the ppl behind cuppacakes)

My limited photographing skills doesn't do justice to the place but i think it's a wonderful place even if you have young kids. Luke roamed around enjoying the scene, the arts and of course his lolli. There was the lovely koi pond with a nice walkway and you can even enjoy snacks at the shack.

An afternoon well spent with my boys!


  1. This event looks interesting! I would go with you if I knew this earlier ... or if I'm in KL! :) The picture are too small to see in details, but definitely look happening!!

  2. it was enjoyable! will keep u posted on next year's event and perhaps we can go together... if ur back in kl ;)


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