Friday, June 4, 2010

Camping with my 2 boys

If you grew up in the early 80s, you would vaguely recall a tv series called Camp Wilderness.
This series kinda stuck so that was when i was in high school i chose OPC (Outdoor Pursuit Club) over scouting or girls' brigade.
And recently after watching the latest Malaysia Truly Asia tv ad (the extended version) on tv, it brought back fond memories of school days, numerous trip to waterfalls, camping, hiking, canoeing etc but most of all the wonderful friendships that were formed in the process.

Even before Luke was born, i've been wondering it'll be nice for him to experience the true outdoors ie his first camping trip.. now that he's coming to 3 soon we really wanted him to have his first taste of the real outdoors and what it feels like without the convenient modern amenities that we're used to.

I'm looking at a nice camping spot next to a cool running waterfall within an hour's drive from KL that is accessible via 4-wheel so we can just drive in, park & set up camp!
Thinking of bringing a few more kids with us..
Think they'll love it!
Now... i just need to look for THE spot!

ps: couldn't seem to locate the video of the exact malaysia truly asia ad i saw over tv but this was the closest i found (video taken from

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