Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have a crush...

From young, i love hand making cards for friends & loved ones. 
It was a nice way for me to send a sweet message to someone, inexpensive but because of the time and effort that went into every card, it made it very precious and personal for both the sender & the recipient.

This days you get wishes through smses, phone calls, and FB but nothing beats receiving a card by snail mail and what's more when it's handmade.
I've had a crush on Vivienne's handmade cards for a long time but when she recently made baby shower invites for her close friends and posted it on her blog, i was mesmerized (half wanting to have my no.2 so that i can have a reason to have one of those lovely cards!)

I was recently commissioned to handmade/handwrite 12 pieces of invites. By the time i was at card no.6, i was wanting so badly to finish off no.12! But i found out this uber talented girl can whip up 70 - 80 handmade cards in a span of several days! Talk about passion.

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  1. Awww ... *blushed*
    Yvonne thank you for your lovely, sweet sweet comments! :)


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