Monday, April 19, 2010

Be still my beating heart

As a young girl in my 20s, i spend a considerable amount of my paycheck on papers, wrappers, fancy colored pens and all sorts of materials which i can turn into crafts.
I remember when i first stumbled upon Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, i was totally enraptured by the many wonderful favors and decor ideas which one can easily follow.
Since the magazine is printed every quarter of the year and only available in one or two newsstands back then, i waited in anticipation for weeks for the next issue to arrive!
I found it silly sometimes when i got hold of the magazine, i choose not to flip through the pages, however tempting and excited i was. The first thing i did would be to wrap it up with those plastic protective book wrapper and wait for the suitable free time i had which i can enjoy running tru the pages while sipping a hot cuppa. Bliss....

Now that i'm a mother with much lesser time on hand, this ritual has strangely not been broken.
I get the same butterflies in my stomach, so excited i can do a silly dance right on when i first got my hands on my very own issue of Martha Stewart Babies & Kids! You know the feeling you get when you first held hands with the boy you like (yup! it almost feels like that but i do have to say the latter comes with many ironic blissful sleepless nights ;)

So if there's any one of you out there who feels as passionate or crazy if i can best describe this, do drop me a mail and let me know i'm not alone.
Over the months i've been taken in by many Australian sites which features handmade stationery and goodies which u can incorporate into your kids parties.
I invite you to feast your eyes on these lovely party ideas and colors and do the silly dance with me!

(Images extracted from Hip Hooray Blog given by Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous)

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