Monday, March 29, 2010

Dream Home

I have this love for decorating a room or a space.
As a teen, i remember moving my bedroom several times within spaces in our home, from the family hall upstairs, to a proper room with a door & finally downstairs to the store room (had to make room for my little brother ;p), i enjoyed all the moving & decorating!
From sharing a room with my sis, i got my first taste of personal freedom when my parents gave me the family hall upstairs to call my own.
There were no doors, just partitions but it was MY space and i loved every corner of it!
I painted the walls, found a piece of unused floral fabric which i hung on a wire and secure it with pastel colored ribbons and Walah i got myself a curtain for the windows. Brought in a carpet for that final touch just to give the room a cozy feel.

Now that i moved to our own home and have a toddler at hand, i can't just move every piece of furniture, color the walls or decorate a display corner to my whim and fancy.
I'll just have to make do with feasting my eyes on some beautiful spaces and until my toddler grows a little bigger (and most probably i'll have to wait a little longer since we intend to have no 2 & possibly 3) this will have to do.

ps: I just love the sunshine coming through the windows

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  1. And also those shorts and shirts strewn all over the room that drove you up the wall :) chuckles kerkerkerker

  2. the standing jeans! till today i still can't figure how she did it. u remember those "trauma" days?! ya man.. dun know how i survived. LOL! btw, thanks for stopping by ;)


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