Monday, March 29, 2010

Bento LunchBox

I don't consider myself a fan of cutsie stuff but when i came across this article on a mother's addiction on preparing bento lunch boxes for her little ones, i thought someday i'll give it a try.
I haven't had the chance to indulge myself in a craft project ever since the little one came along, so i thought this was a brilliant idea!
Bento-ing is an art by itself and it's looks easier than done.
I can probably start dabbling into crafts again and luke can enjoy the "masterpiece".
I'm thankful he isn't a fussy eater but am sure he'll enjoy the treat!
Will head off to 100Yen soon to get one of those cutsie lunch boxes to start it off!
No Hello Kitty's for me though.. wonder if there's any macho lunch boxes out there?

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