Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We are a FAMILY

FINALLY, our FIRST photo as a FAMILY!

this shot tugs at my heart because it was simply JUST US... depicted just as we are.

not because of an elaborate backdrop, glittery clothes, well coiffed hair or a fancy pose.
we were in fact in our well worn comfy t-shirts, scruffy hair etc...

the actual behind-the-scenes was quite hilarious, come to think of it.
moments before the shot was taken, this conversation chaos took place.

Daddy: LUKE! get down & stop climbing up on me!
Luke: But i like! Daddy, let's play HORSE!
Daddy: You're too rough. You're hurting my back & messing up my hair!
Leah: {lets out a soft cry of discomfort from all the noise}
Luke reaches out to Leah while gritting his teeth: mei mei, ur so CUTE! {geram}
Mommy: Luke, can you let us take a nice pic with mei mei first?

Jean then took out her camera & says OH! get luke up there!
Daddy must have went #%@* in his head (haha!) but wonderfully obliged..
Luke decides that instance that he didn't want to be part of the picture so we quickly took on the reverse-pyschology game.

Daddy: Luke, don't climb up on daddy ya... and then POUNCE! the little tiger went up on daddy.
Daddy: Luke, don't kiss mei mei ya... and PECK... the kiss

and SNAP! the SHOT was captured and there you have it!
haha! well, reality hits and in seconds we were back to the chaos!
BOYS... {sweat} ;p


  1. aww look at the lovely little family! i love this pix too, sometimes the best ones are the ones we are not ready for.

  2. Love this picture alot! And yes the most candid picture often the most beautiful :)


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