Monday, May 16, 2011


at approx 28 weeks (photo by Jean)

The countdown has begun...
Less than 4 weeks before the EDD.

Both excitement & apprehension is growing as THE day approaches.
Can't wait to hold the baby! 
To bend without feeling the weight of a watermelon! 
To sleep on my stomach!
Kind of forgotten what it felt like to have a good night's sleep with the frequency to the loo & backaches at this juncture but am thankful baby's been healthy throughout despite the irritating coughs i've been getting.

The past month has seen me at one point or other... bursting with unusual manic energy ie rearranging the contents of the nursery, folding baby's clothes in a manner befitting a clothing boutique, cleaning every nook & corner in the house, dreaming of undertaking major projects (will share that in a bit on my next post), and getting inspired with things around me...
perhaps a response to the increased adrenaline circulating in my system.

The book says, "Many expectant moms experience the  uncontrollable overwhelming urge to ready their "nests". I certainly think so in my case...
Strangely, at other times, this overzealousness is overtaken by a surmountable sense of fatigue.. just wanting to slump on the bed, nursing the backache and not having the slightest energy to do anything else.

Lil' luke (ok... not so little anymore) seems as excited as his parents.
Periodically rubbing the stomach & talking to the belly button & expecting a response from the baby sister.
We've been warned of impending sibling jealousy & the "acting up" but prayerfully our preparation through conversations with luke throughout my pregnancy would bond the both of them together.
At this moment he's one proud & protective "kor kor" (older brother)... always talking tru the "belly button", that he'll take good care of her when she's out, won't let anyone bullies her, will make milk for "mei mei" (little sis) so that mommy & daddy can sleep... haha! whether the last bit would come to pass, i'm not too sure but it was just nice to hear his kind intentions.

my maternity leave kicks in, in another 2 weeks time so i'm really hoping the baby will come exactly on the expected date so i'll be able to spend some good fun quality time with luke before his sister arrives...
things on the agenda includes making a non-baking cheesecake with a slight twist (more on that on a separate post), a visit to the kids gym (somewhere i've been longing to bring him), swimming every afternoon & perhaps all other things which i would otherwise have no time to do on regular days.

dear leah,
mommy, daddy & kor kor are looking forward to welcoming you into our world...
with lots of love...

photo by Jean


  1. COngrats!! I've not been updating on blog for a long while, I almost miss out on your pregnancy news! Aww ... A little GIRL to complete your family picture! How nice!!

    Have a safe and smooth delivery! Hope to see your little girl soon!

  2. aw congrats on your baby! hopefully it will be a smooth labor!!!


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