Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Animal Snacks

the last time i saw or had these was back in kindie!
can't believe i'm actually enjoying these animal shaped marie biscuits with luke today... almost 3 decades later!

a good friend found these at old town but you have to buy them by the tong!
the shapes are really distinct... if you have a toddler aged between 1-2 yrs old, it's a pretty good tool to help them identify the different type of animals plus it's a jolly good treat.

even at 3+ now, luke & i had fun taking turns calling out the names of the animals before munching them down..

this sort of fun may not be equivalent to a trip to a theme park but it's those kind of simplemagical bonding moments which, when you look back years later, would bring a smile to your face.

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