Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pamper Zone

if you've been a mother to a bouncy-non-stopping-energizer toddler, chances are you would not have had the luxury of doing facials & body scrubs for some time now.
Haven't given any thought to pampering myself lately but when i saw this cute little honey lemon DIY body scrub, i figured it would be worthwhile to spend a little more time in the shower to treat yourself to a nice rejuvenating body scrub once in awhile. it'll definitely give you the added boost to chase your lil' one round again!

The uplifting smell of lemon combined with the allure of sweet honey...

I thought this was the perfect body scrub which you & i can easily make (recipe here) plus it'll make a lovely inexpensive christmas pressie.
All you need is sugar, salt, lemon & honey!
Simply top it off with a simple knotted ribbon and a handwritten tag & a cute wooden spoon!
I sure won't mind getting one this Christmas =)

photos extracted from Sweet Tidings

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