Saturday, July 9, 2016

Esmeria Soothing Organics Gentle Anti-bac Handwash

Buds Organics, sister brand Esmeria is launching its Gentle Antibac Handwashes suitable for adults as well as kids, especially those with sensitive conditions. The Handwash are effective in cleansing, naturally anti bacterial & gentle to the skin.

With the outbreak of hand foot mouth diseases cases recently, i am even more vigilant especially with the kids, in keeping good hygiene.

Not to get overly paranoid but germs do travel easily and can be found on common places like doorknobs, escalator railing, tables & phones.

The easiest & fastest form of defense is something we already routinely do. Washing our hands!
Not just a quick rinse but a thorough one.

Cute infographics like the one below teaches kids on the importance of keeping good hand hygiene & the proper way to wash.

infographic by

Here's a special TREAT for you!
Enjoy a special promo price of RM12 only (normaly price RM26.90) by purchasing HERE by using coupon code "YVONNE" during check out.

And because the packaging is so pretty & each bottle oozes out a soothing, refreshing scent after, it makes a lovely, practical gift for friends!

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