Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leah's Sunshine 1st Birthday Party {Part 2}

the home seemed the ideal choice...
a. no rental needed
b. familiar surrounding for our 1 yr old
c. most part of the house is child proof
in terms of practicality, it provided me with lots of flexibility eg i could shift the couch the other end... set up a corner for crawlers.
we didn't had any extravagant activity. i just whipped out our play toy cooking stove, car, wagon, lots of toys, balls to keep the little ones occupied.

the only down side - when u try fitting 30 people or so plus babies & crawlers & active toddlers, you can expect a little chaos.
the CLEANING & PACKING UP was a LOT of work but it's just a once in a year affair so i can get by with that {wink!}

we're fortunate to have the kids' godma prepare the creamy pasta, golden nuggets & warm bread pudding.
i only needed to prepare the finger sandwiches. the mini beef pies & humble nasi lemak were ordered nearby our place.

got my aunt to help me make "watermelon balls". 
she had made them for our parties ever since we were little!

oh, and we had fresh cool homemade honey lemonade for drinks :) 


one of those things i constantly remind myself to do is to photographed the guests.
we often get lost in our conversations with one another tt we normally forget to take photographs
so i set up a small corner ie photobooth with some fun DIY props that suited the day eg pacifiers, bug teeth & a few other random funny stuff.
up to your creativity & imagination. we had a few good laughs :D

leave sweet notes for the birthday girl
gem biscuits available in assorted colors.
i picked out those in the theme colors, packed them into individual packs 
& attach it with a matching craft paper.

 lollipops were wrapped in remnant fabrics i have in my stash & tied with ribbons.
DIY party hats which got me all panda-eyed trying to finish them off the night before!

ms sunshine having her very first bite at a cake

we LOVED the rainbow cake!! i mean LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i wanted to make a million of other things but reminded myself not to get so wrapped up in making things "pretty" that i forget to enjoy the important thing & HAVE FUN!

thanks Jean for capturing wonderful memories for us to recall long after the party has ended.
thanks Michelle for the awesome cake!

ps: if you like the DIY stuff you see featured here for your own party, you can get them here.
if you like some tutorials on the party props or diy hats, feel free to email me at babylicious.info@gmail.com

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