Wednesday, January 18, 2012


our tropical weather is on a bit of a mood swing lately.

one moment it's pouring cats & dogs, and the very next, it's blazing HOT! 
like this very minute, it's a sweltering 33C!
which means... there's no better time for I.C.E C.R.E.A.M.S!! =D

on days when i just wanna take a breather but don't feel like splurging, we'll head out to mcdonald's or ikea for a dose of regular soft served ice cream

there's something about this creamy substance that perks you up instantly...
you know, the feeling when it sends your heart a flutter... u hear birds chirping... erm... okay....stop ... it must be the heat doing weird stuff to me...

ok where was i?

oh yes! and since ice creams are generally everyone's best friend, i thought it'll make a sweet gesture to put together an inexpensive, simple ice-cream-kit and present it to a friend.

toppings put in clear mini plastic containers

paper + ribbons in matching color
*mini cones i got from king's (available in hypermarkets)

arrange cones & all toppings into individual packs/containers. 
dress it up simply with  a ribbon or scalloped-cut craft paper. 
finish it off with a sweet handwritten message on a doily.

my faithful pastel bucket... always work wonders!
here's to 
sunshine + laughter + choco tops!

tip: by keeping things in a cohesive theme.. eg i picked baby blue, the kit makes for a pretty sight.
all the recipient needs now is a tub of ice cream :)

ps: this craft project was also featured on BabyTalk Holiday Dec issue

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