Saturday, October 2, 2010


with quite a number of parties & weddings organized last month, it got me thinking if i had a chance to one day organize a themed party of my own...
... what theme would it be? what color tones would i play with?

without a doubt, it would be a 60s themed party based on the movie HAIRSPRAY!!
think myriad of colors, beehives hairstyles & petty dresses for the ladies, paisley shirts & well tailored suits for the men...
and of course it must be an evening filled with music and dancing!
oooh... just writing this makes me all dizzy!

i thoroughly enjoyed the movie Hairspray... the music, the costumes, the colors, the script and i especially lurve mr pinkie's store...

i just heard Hairspray The Musical is now showing in Melbourne.. and a friend had the chance to watch it!
ahh... lucky melbourners...

if i just had a ticket to the show...

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